Have you ever heard about the framework “the limitless model”?
Then I guess it`s time to make a YES out of it 🙂
I got this concept from a book, called “Limitless” in which the author Jim Kwik writes a lot about how we can learn fasterAfter reading it I realized that it’s not just useful for the process of learning but also when it comes to personal goals.

Basically, this framework includes 3 important parts. Putting your focus on those 3 areas will help you accomplishing your dreams.
Let’s give them a name:

Motivation is the foundation of our actions. It’s the energy required to behave in a particular way and can be activated differently. For example, through listening to stories of people who experienced something extraordinary or while watching YouTube videos, reading inspiring books, or even those lines in this post…

Mindset is defined in the book as “deeply held believes, attitudes and assumptions we create about who we are, how the world works, what we are capable of and deserve, and what is possible.”

You have to be absolutely convinced about the fact that your dream will come true. If you do not believe in your goal, how should it find its way to reality if it doesn’t even exist in your mind?!

In terms of making things, plans, goals happen I highly recommend sharing them. Once you realize that you are not the only one with big dreams, you will get a better feeling about your own goals. You benefit from the circumstance knowing others who are going after big dreams and maybe even watching them achieve those. It will help you not only to gain motivation for your own dream, it may also give you confidence and the right mindset for it.

I think that’s the part most people struggle with or maybe even fail.
We all have goals and dreams but only a few of us really know what steps are needed to get there successfully.

It’s easy to give up if something seems too complicated or feels overwhelming. The key is to make little steps to simply work towards. If you know exactly what to do next, giving up is not an option anymore.

What it needs is not just writing down our goals but also breaking them down into intermediate steps. Steps you can work on immediately in the present and which will guide you automatically to the main goal in the future.

That`s it – EASY, isn’t it?? 🙂
Only the knowledge of those 3 components, helps you to understand the process better and your goals seem way more achievable.

So, what I recommend you to do now, is to think about your dream and ask yourself the following questions:
Do I know about the purpose why I want to accomplish this dream? Do I have the motivation and energy to go after my dream right now?
Do I believe enough in my dream? Does it feel possible for me?
Do I know what steps I have to take to turn my dream into reality?

If any of the answers is “NO”, grab paper and pen and write down 5 or more solutions that will help you to feel more confident in that specific area and turn the answer into a “YES”.

You will be surprised how much you can accomplish if you just ask yourself the right questions…

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