Can you explain what differs a dream from a goal???
No?! I guess that’s a good topic to fill this post with.

I already mentioned the words DREAM and GOAL a bunch of times and I will continue doing it… That‘s why I feel responsible to clarify those terms.
In my opinion, it’s always important to clearly understand the meaning of the words we’re using. Not just for those who are listening but also for ourselves and the thinking process in the background.

So let’s get started:
What is the difference between a dream and a goal?

Dreams are something we create in our mind, dreams can have any shape or form
Goals are based on taking action

Goals need a lot of focus and attention while dreams do not need any effort. We can literally sit for hours and dream without really doing a single thing (other than sitting on that one spot).
To start the process of achievement you have to turn your dreams into specific goals because that‘s the way to bring thoughts from the head to your daily life.
Transforming them into a goal is the path you need to take to make your dream come true.
Otherwise, the chance is pretty high that your dream just stays in your mind as a simple dream.

“A Goal Is A Dream With A Deadline” (Napoleon Hill)

If you don’t take accountability for your dreams, for example, if you don’t set deadlines or plan the next steps, a dream will be nothing more than a wish. Something that will never happen in real life because you won’t get to that point to take action.
But I want to make clear: it is necessary to dream!
First things first – and the start of everything is dreaming. That is what shows you, what you really want to do in life (and I know, that’s already a big challenge for a lot of people).
But after knowing this, you need to take this dream and move on with it. You need to set a deadline, think about the steps you can do next, or ask like-minded people to join (who might have a similar or even the same dream).
Dreaming is a beautiful thing to do – and we all love doing it BUT I have to tell you:
Nothing will happen if you keep on staying in that dream state.

In my opinion, there is a guideline about realizing your dreams. But in order to do so, we need to fully understand what dreams are and how they work.
As you know, we’re currently building the xCover Bucket List App and our vision is to make it easier for people following their dreams and help them to organize and connect with other dreamers, so they can switch those dreams to goals.
So I’m curious about one question:
What is it that gives you a hard time to take action on something you dream about?
Is it, not finding the time for it?
Or not finding the right people to do it with?
Are you scared of something? If yes, what is it?
Or do you just don’t know where to start?

Since we’re still building the App, we have the chance to implement your feedback and create such a function within the platform that will help you to overcome your boundaries.
Feel free to write a comment down below if you have any feedback.
Keep that in mind and help us to design the best version possible of this App. It’s all about how we can support each other as a community to make everyone’s dream come true.

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