Imagine you wouldn’t have had deadlines in school. Your teacher would have never told you to finish your homework until a certain day. Would have been nice, right? But you probably would have never learned anything.


As soon someone gives you instructions and puts you under pressure with a deadline, you all of a sudden feel accountable and start to work.
When it comes to our personal goals, it seems that we often don’t take it as serious as we do in school or in the business world.

Isn`t it ironic? The things that are closest to us, like our own dreams, are easy to postpone. But we wouldn`t do so if our boss wants a presentation next Friday, even if we are personally way less affected by this work.
We set priorities differently when it comes to our own goals. We think it`s not that important and we can also do it “tomorrow”. Or next week. Or next year. And then time flies and you’re wondering where all those years have gone…

Sometimes we even act like there is infinite time. But this is a lie, just saying – You will die at some point. That’s why I often say that life is too long to realize that your time here on earth is limited. So please:
Take your dreams a bit more serious and start pursuing them more actively! – Before it’s too late!


You will do yourself a really big favor if you set yourself a deadline! Think about until when you want to have reached your dream?! Or even more important: always set a deadline for the next small steps you want to take. Because those automatically will bring you closer to your dream.

I always set the deadline for my dreams at the end of a month.
For example, I want to take an ice bath for 10+ minutes before the end of February.
This is the trick I am using to help my mind.
This means, when February starts, I know, there are only a few more weeks left to accomplish this goal. So, I get to work and start planning on how to make it happen.

Maybe it helps you as well to always pick some small simple steps that you want to accomplish by the end of the week.
What I like to do is writing those steps on Post-Its and stick them all over my apartment where I can see them every day. So, I`ve been always reminded what I wanna accomplish that week.


Of course, we will have such a function in the xCover App which will help you to organize your next steps and make you therefore more productive. But until the App is out, you can also do it with Post-Its or anything that works best for you.

There are so many useful business books on how to be more productive, more efficient, and more impactful. But keep in mind: whether you try to get the best possible result for a company, or your dream is to climb Mount Everest. The principles are the same and the methods too.
You might be more accountable if you work on a business project for someone else like a client or your boss. But if you manage to take your personal dreams just as serious, you’ll notice that you can achieve almost everything.


The person that values your work the most is yourself because you’re the only one who has to live your life.

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