Whatever you want to do, the chance is high that it seems overwhelming in the beginning. So, this is where the small simple steps get important.

Starting with something is not always easy. Especially starting with something new. Because this often means that you step into the unknown or even that you have to leave your comfort zone. But in fact, stepping out of the comfort zone and making new experiences let you grow as a human being and help you to find what fulfills you with joy. Change is the mother of development.

When you have a dream, you should pursue it, no matter what. I mean, nobody says it will be easy – BUT it is possible. And knowing where to start can help you a lot! That’s why I would like you to listen carefully to what I’m about to say. Because this can literally change your life!


What I always do when I have an idea or a project is, to grab a pen and a piece of paper and write down all the things that come to my mind about it.

Let’s use an example: My dream is to go to Antarctica.

Obviously, I can’t just drive there. Which means I have to do a lot more planning. Unfortunately, this is the point where some people would already give up.
But giving up is not an option – Instead, I take notes and think about:

  • What are the things that I need?
  • How do I even get to Antarctica?
  • Is there anyone I know who would like to join me on this adventure?

Small simple steps could be:

  • Research about different ways how to get there.
  • Ask some of my friends if they would be interested to join.
  • Posting something on Instagram and maybe find anyone who wants to come along.

Another important question could be:

  •  How much money do I have to save up for this trip?


I know that a cruise to Antarctica costs around 10’000 euro. If you can’t spend that much money on such an adventure right now, you may also want to write down simple steps for saving it.
For instance, learn a new skill that helps you to earn that extra money. Or set up a saving account on which you will automatically transfer a certain percentage from your income every month.
If you manage to put aside 300 euros every month, you will have saved up enough in 3 years, so you can take that trip to the white continent.


Achieving goals all comes down to how well you can plan them and in which small simple steps you can break them down.
Every little step you can do today, even if it’s just researching what time of the year is the best to visit Antarctica, will eventually take you closer to accomplish this dream.
Imagine you break down your goal in so many steps, that every day you can do something. This will not just motivate you as hell, but will also get you there in no time!

With that in mind, there is just one last thing to say: One step a day keeps regrets away! 🙂

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