When was the last time you said “No” to something? – Because you wanted to use your time for something else instead.

I believe it’s really important to ask yourself from time to time, where your priorities are.

Often, we get lost and forget to put the things we want most on the top of our list – put it second, which might also mean last.

One reason to be lost is comparison. When you start to look at the lives of others, you easily create thought like:
Oh, that’s cool! 
I want to have that too!

This girl that I follow on Instagram has just been to Bali, I want to go there as well.

And so you want 100 things that you maybe don’t really want.

I’m not trying to say that you shouldn’t set yourself many goals. Actually, I would recommend the opposite. If you think something is fun and fulfills you with joy, put it on your bucket list. I mean there are one hundred items on my bucket list. Quite a lot, but I got a lifetime to accomplish them, so I guess it shouldn’t be a problem.
Except for point number 72 – going to space. But since Elon Musk is pushing forward space travel so much, there’s a chance to complete that as well within the next 30-40 years…

However, if you keep putting stuff on your bucket list that you’ve seen other people doing, the question is:
Do YOU really want to do this? Does it really bring YOU joy and pleasure?

Just because something makes someone happy doesn`t automatically mean it will have the exact same impact on you.

Someone might buy a 50k Rolex because he’s absolutely fascinated with beautiful watches and really wants to get one to complete his collection. While someone else just wants to get an expensive watch to show off. Or then there is me, who has just absolutely no interest in any watch… In the end, it is all about being true to yourself.

Every single item on my bucket list has a purpose for me. I know why I want to do them. I can also put them in the following 5 categories.

  1. I really want to do this and I’ve been talking about it for years already.
  2. This will help others.
  3. Something that will give me a fun time when I’m doing it with friends.
  4. This will shape a great story when I’m old.
  5. With those things I want to prove that anything is possible.


I think it’s very important that you go over your bucket list every now and then and think about what your top priorities are? If you would only be allowed to keep 5 items on your list, which ones would those be?

Focus on the things you really want. Which points of the list will have the greatest impact on your life. Once you accomplish your priorities you can simply set new ones. But first, chase after those with the biggest joy.

Your time here on earth is limited. So ask yourself, what is the ONE thing on your bucket list that you want to accomplish next?
And then get to work. Take one step at a time and you’ll eventually get there.


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