In 5 years, we want to have impacted the lives of 10 million people to create a bucket list and to pursue their dreams. To do so, we actively help others to accomplish their goals. By creating all kinds of content about how we help people with our knowledge, resources and connections, we prove that everyone is capable to go after their dream.


Following USP’s clearly make us worldwide unique compared to any competition:

  • ML-based classification and matching
  • Search and find people who pursue the same goals
  • The opportunity to connect and exchange with others who already achieved your goal
  • Sharing your goals with friends and pursue them together
  • Cross-platform application (web, iOS, Android)
  • Unique ways of monetization. Brands can help the user to achieve their goals in a personalized way
  • Sharing of knowledge and strategies to simplify achieving goals
  • Dynamic content in form of videos, interviews or podcasts (e.g. video about the approach to achieving a goal)
  • Gamification approach “x-Points”: specially developed points system to create and maintain incentives and motivation
  • OUR network: Co-founder Joel Eggimann and our experts have built up an enormous social media reach (+100,000 followers) – xCover will make use of their experience in the target group and their reach to get a build a critical user base


There are some competitors worldwide in the area of our desired solution. The most interesting ones are Buckist, Simple Bucket List, and Soon.

What all existing solutions have in common:

  • no ML matching of goals & people & creation of synergy effects
  • the lack of methods or proactive support such as content & gamification approaches
  • no combination of web & mobile app
  • No interactive possibility for companies to help users with products / services to achieve their goals



Joel Eggimann

Co-Founder, visionary and content creator

Raphael Kagermeier

Co-founder and CTO

Michael Harding

Content creator, storyteller
Theresa Scheinecker

Theresa Scheinecker

Copy Writer

Lukas Zöls

Community Manager

Dennis Schlindwein

Content creator

Manel Mateos i Font


Valentina Lilova



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