You already know from episode two how effective it is to write your dreams down and that you are 42% more likely to achieve them if you do so. Last episode we focused on how to set a goal in the first place.
This episode is gonna be a little bit similar. But instead of how to set your goals, we will now have a closer look on how to write down your goals. What are the important things when it comes to the process of putting your thoughts into words/sentences?

I recommend the 3P rule.
The 3P stand for:


Formulate your goals like they have already happened. So do not let it sound like you see the goal somewhere in the future – let it sound like it’s in the NOW.
For example, instead of saying “I want to buy a house”, you might say “I own a house”.
If you pretend that you have already achieved your goal, your subconscious mind is much more likely to receive it. Rather than just wishing that it magically becomes reality. Telling yourself that you’re capable of reaching your goals, will also make you more confident and your goals seem much easier to accomplish.


Secondly, phrase your goals in a positive way. They should motivate you and give you a feeling of happiness when you look at them. For example, if you say you want to quit smoking, that sounds more like a command. But if you say, I am a non-smoker, that is a way more positive statement to the goal that stands behind.


The third P should make clear that it is about YOUR personal goal – so write it down the most personal you can. So when you read them your head office recognizes this as an order that counts for you. It helps if your written down goal starts with “I”. “I own a house by the lake”.


After learning this 3P rule, I looked at my Bucket List and actually none of my points start with “I”. I tried to keep everything on the list as short as possible, because I think otherwise it would be confusing. I see the Bucket List more like a check list that reminds me of the things I want to do in life. But in the xCover App there will be a section where you can describe your goals more detailed and I think, it definitely makes sense to use the 3P rule in that case. But also just for yourself when you think about your goal.

So let`s repeat: Start your sentences with I, look at them as they already have happened and let it sound positive and motivational.


The more we know about how we can achieve our dreams, the more realistic it will feel that we eventually can make them become reality. Learning even something small like “how to write down your goal” (like in this episode) automatically brings you one step closer to what you want to accomplish.

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