How do you set a goal?

We already talked about the importance of writing your dreams down but before that you should know HOW you even get to that point.
First: Set a goal.
Second: write it down (the writing process will be in the spotlight next episode)


There’s this five letter acronym called S-M-A-R-T. It is mainly used in the business field for managing projects. I mean it’s funny – overall, we have more serious guidelines when it comes to business than when it`s about our personal goals.
But in the end, we should look at our dreams as a serious project like a business one is. Because the more responsibility we take on our dreams, the higher the chance that we will achieve them.


That`s why it makes totally sense to use the SMART technique to set the goals for your bucket list.


Be precise what you want to achieve. It’s not enough to say you want to travel. You have to define where you wanna go and even what you wanna do there. The more detailed the better it is.


How do you know if you have achieved your goal? If the goal is to be happy, it’s hard to measure this exact statement. But if you are saying you want to spend time in the nature every weekend because that is what makes you happy, you can easily measure that.


Ask yourself how you can accomplish this goal. Is it realistic to accomplish it within the next few months? If no, what do you need? If your goal for example requires money, which you currently don’t have, you may need to set another goal before (How to make money first).


Is this goal important to you? Does it really matter to you? Or do you just want that BMW to show off and make other people believe that you are successful? If your dreams are your deepest desire you are willing to put work into and so you are more likely to achieve them.


Set a deadline! Until when do you want your goal to be accomplished? Deadlines will help you not getting distracted by other less important things and keeping your focus on your goal.


That’s it!
So, from now on, set SMART goals and don`t forget to check every single letter.


I actually used to believe that people who achieved their dreams were just lucky. But the more time I spend on this topic, the more I realized that those people just know what to do to accomplish what they want.


There’s a technique for all kind of things (even for achieving goals) and I believe that everyone is capable to learn a technique. With the Bucket List platform, I simply wanna help people to take that first step, help them realizing that they can make their wildest dreams come true if they simply have a guideline to follow.


In the meantime you can write down your goals and share it with us, so you can commit to them and we might be able to help you accomplish some of your wildest dreams.

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