What is motivation? And how can you get more of it?
I often hear people using the word motivation. Some might say, “I really won’t do this now – I don’t have any motivation for it” and others say, “I love it – I’m always so motivated when I’m working on that!”. But no one really talks about how to get into the state of being motivated, nor do most people try to understand why they feel that way.

In episode 1 I mentioned the 3 components a process of dream achievement needs.
But more important than just knowing those is understanding them.

My question now: Do you remember those 3 factors I’m talking about right now?
…of course you do


In this episode, I want to take a closer look at the first M – Motivation.
We all know the moment when all of a sudden motivation rushes into our vanes and the feeling of desire that we wanna do something RIGHT NOW! Such a motivation boost is often a result of inspiration – someone or something inspired us.

A couple years back when I was actively training Parkour, I got this motivation boosts  mostly after watching a Parkour video. Those videos brought up thoughts like:
“Nice jump/trick – I wanna try that too.”
…followed by a feeling of excitement and the action of going outside for trying those things I’ve seen on the screen.

I guess one of the reasons for this boost (after watching those videos) was, that I had a clear plan and something in mind what to do next.

You can look at motivation as a formula, which is:
Motivation = Purpose x Energy x Simple Steps

So, let’s start with the Purpose.

“If you know the WHY, you can live any HOW.” (Friedrick Nietzsche)

I feel like you can also use this wise quote in terms of reaching your dream.
So, if you know the reason WHY you want to do something, your motivation level automatically raises up and you set steps towards the goal without question the way until then.

And by WHY I don’t mean reasons like “I want to get rich”. That’s probably not enough to say.
Your WHY has to go a lot deeper than that. For example:
I want to get rich because money gives me the opportunity to build this bucket list platform as big as I want and therefore people can help each other to make their dreams come true. Because I truly believe that everyone can live a life full of joy by doing the things that he or she loves.
Well yeah, that was my purpose right there… But I think you get the point.

Let’s move on to the factor Energy.
You also need the right amount of energy to be motivated. Although I believe that if we have a deep enough purpose, it will also fuel our energy. However, it definitely helps for your energy level if you eat healthy, sleep enough and exercise regularly.
You’re most likely not gonna be productive after a long Party-night ending up at 4AM  with eating a BigMac menu right before going to bed and then waking up at 7AM because the construction site right in front of your window has started again.

Yeah – we all love to have a good time and Party every now and then BUT take care of your health and give your body what it needs otherwise you won’t have enough energy to pursue your dreams.

Last but not least: Simple Steps.
I mentioned earlier that after watching a Parkour video I’ve always been motivated to train, because I knew what I’m going to do as soon as I leave the house. If we conquer our biggest dreams, we have to break them down into small simple steps. You also remember those words from the last episodes- but I guess I can’t say it too often.
Having the exact next steps in your mind will give you a plan.
A simple step for instance, doing research about our goals (If my goal is to dive with sharks – the simple step could be: looking up at which places I can do shark diving).
Pretty easy in times of the Internet – Isn’t it??
But I will give you more information about the simple steps in episode 7 – so stay tuned!

For now, I want you to think about the last time you were super motivated.
What was the reason for this motivation boost?
Was there a deeper purpose?
Have you felt real passion about something you did?
If YES – what do you think was the reason for that feeling?
Did you have an exact plan of what you’re going to do next?
Have you been able to imagine how the end-result will look like?

As soon as you start to understand How to be motivated, you can implement this technique to all kind of areas in your life. And that will help you to move forward even through the tough times, where you have to do tasks you don’t enjoy that much.

BUT those ones are important as well because they will take you closer to your goals.

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