It’s simple. With everything you achieve, you gain self-confidence. That in turn will help you for your next goal.

“Everything is hard before it is easy.”

Think about it and think back to when you were little. That day when you learned to ride a bike. The first tries have been super hard. You probably fell several times. But you stood back up and tried it over and over again. Your parents cheered you up, “you got this!” And you just didn’t give up until you rode your bicycle all by yourself.

Only a couple of weeks later, it was the easiest thing ever. With a lot of pride, you went around telling your relatives and friends, “I can ride my bike all by myself!”
You literally got hit by a huge load of confidence thinking, “Alright, so now I have achieved this, what’s next?”

Or you might even think, “Wow, once that was just a dream of mine and now it came true, which means I could achieve anything else that I dream of as well.”

You learned so many other things in your childhood. Like reading, writing, swimming or skiing, if you grew up near the mountains as I did.

When you saw someone doing something that you like, you wanted to learn it too. I mean, you already have the confidence from all your other achievements. So why not just give it a try?

Sometimes it feels like we kinda lose this drive once we become an “adult”. Whatever that word means…

And for that reason, I think it’s important to have a bucket list. A list of activities and experiences that you can go after. Once you have achieved them, it will fulfill you and give you this confidence that I talked about earlier.

Do not think that every single item on this list has to be a crazy goal like buying a house or climbing Mount Everest. I think it’s also really important to put things on it which you can even accomplish in just one or two days. Something that you always wanted to do but didn’t take the time for or didn’t have the courage to do so.

This could be giving a compliment to a stranger on the street or going into the forest with some friends and sleep in a hammock.

It doesn’t really matter how “little” the dream is. It will boost your confidence and eventually you’ll believe even in your biggest dreams. Also, by achieving more you’ll gain more knowledge on how to do so and at some point, the things that seem to be hard in the first place are all of a sudden, easy.


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